MZT Skopje looking forward to join ABA Adriatic league

todor gecevski

According to some Macedonian and Serbian media it is possible that F. Y. R. of Macedonia will have one team in next season of ABA Adriatic league, MZT Skopje.

People from MZT are waiting for final decision and contract which will mean that this club will join ABA Adriatic league for period of three years.

One of Serbian Basketball players, Igor Mijajlovic, player of MZT since last summer said that ambitions and expectations of this club are very high.

He continues: “This is very serious club. Just few years ago they were close to stop existing. Fans saved this clubs. After this hard situation, they arranged protests all around the town, and city major helped the club. He brought sponsors.”

He also said: “Expectations are pretty big. Everybody says that there is no chance to be like Helios or Zlatorog (teams for the bottom of ABA Adriatic league standings). People from club wnats to stay long in this, the best competition in this part of Europe.”

Mijajlovic added: “We have great fans. About 2.000 at every game. We will play ABA Adriatic league in Arena with 6.000 seats and it will be very interesting.”

So, let’s wait for final confirmation from ABA Adriatic league and wish welcome to new team in competition, MZT Skopje.