Montenegro downed Serbia with fantastic buzzer-beater

nikola ivanovic

Even I had an great opportunity to be last night in Belgrade Arena (KomBank Arena), I still have bitter taste in my mouth.

This was game 2 of Qualification round for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia.

Montenegro wins over Serbia with fantastic buzzer-beater by Nikola Ivanovic young and very talented player who had fantastic season with Buducnost Voli lat season.

More than fantastic atmosphere in Belgrade Arena, as 18.000 fans, mostly of Serbia created spectacle but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for Serbian players.

First I must say that atmosphere was the best part of this game. I am pretty disappointed with game, not much quality and interesting game.

Serbia lost even they could win this game easily since they had +13 in last five minutes, and most of us expected to see another one easy win for Serbia.

But, Montenegrins had some other plans and created surprise in the middle of Belgrade at front of 18.000 people.

Her of the game is young Nikola Ivanovic who scored buzzer-beater from the half court. Congratulations.

It is not problem if you lose game in last second, but it is pretty big problem if you play whole game without energy and lack of interest.

That’s how Serbian players looked at this game, like they played some game for humanitarian purposes, where result is not important.

Big disappointment, since I believe that some of players should decide if they want to play for Serbia, respect own country, and fans who came at this game.

Obviously, some of players didn’t care much last night, and this game was lost even before this game starts.

If we talk about game, too much missed free throws, too many missed wide open shots, lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Coach Dusan Ivkovic was pretty mad after this game, but this is what we listen in last few weeks that he is mad, not satisfied with testing games and results, approach of some players, etc, etc…

But, what he did to change things? For me it was strange that people around me in Arena curse on Milos Teodosic, since he has such a freedom in game, but coach did nothing.

Substitutions at wrong time, without ideas in offense, bad defense in the most of game, all those things were commented by common fans around me.

How’s possible that coach didn’t realize some of them and made necessary changes?

However, it is not end of the world, there are several more games, and I really hope so that Serbia will learn a lot from this game, and hopefully Serbian players will wake-up and understand that they play under Serbian flag.