Miroslav Nikolic four more years with Radnicki Kragujevac

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Rumors that Miroslav Nikolic will remain as Head coach in Radnicki Kragujevac are confirmed today, as it is officially announced that Miroslav Nikolic will lead Radnicki Kragujevac four more years.

I must say that I am glad to hear that, since Miroslav Nikolic did pretty good job with Radnicki Kragujevac in last few seasons.

As he stated, beside all challenges in ABA Adriatic league and Serbian Super league, the biggest challenge will be Radivoj Korac Cup, as Kragujevac will be host city.

As Miroslav Nikolic said, it is one of the main reasons that he extended his contract since he believe that he will bring first trophy in Radnicki Kragujevac’s history.

Another one reason is that City of Kragujevac has plans to build Arena for about 10.000 spectators and it was a signal that people in club and city are serious about all plans for coming seasons.

Coach Miroslav Nikolic said: “We agreed terms, and the most important we agreed financial part for the club, and it will mean that we will have great conditions for work.”

He continues: “One of my main tasks will be to involve as much as possible young players from Kragujevac. It will be my pleasure since I always gave chance to young players.”

He also added: “Even today, I will start conversations with players and creating roster for coming season. We already lost David Simon and Miljan Pavkovic, and many players are free agents, so we need to act quickly.”

We wish all the best to coach Miroslav Nikolic and Radnicki Kragujevac in following seasons.