Miracle called Partizan mt:s

milan macvan nikola pekovic

Last night in Belgrade, in crowded Pionir Arena, Partizan mt:s reached 4th win in Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

It wouldn’t be anything unexpected, but last night great Maccabi Electra lost against Partizan mt:s. It is hard to find proper words to express all feeling about this tremendous win and magnificent atmosphere in Pionir Arena.

About 8.00 Partizan mt:s fans were singing and supporting their team, and they were really 6th player in this game. I am sure that Maccabi Electra will not forget this game that easy.

It was great to be Partizan mt:s fan last night. Everyone feel such a pride about this team, who compete with giants in Turkish Airlines Euroleague, but in many cases, giants go home after Partizan mt:s teach them that large budgets are not always key to success.

It is obvious that Partizan mt:s have something that none of other teams have. It is a system. System, which is created a years ago, established, and now upgraded from season to season.

It is usually unexplainable to foreign journalits, coaches, players, visitors, how one “small” team from Serbia creating such a results among rich clubs.

But, as I already said it is system. Choosing right players, working hard, discipline, and of course we cannot forget crowd. Fans, who are the best fans around the world. Every team who come to Belgrade to play against Partizan mt:s knows very well that they can expect a hell in Pionir Arena, real temple of Basketball in Belgrade.

Fans, who many times helped their team to reach some crucial wins, titles. Fans who stay after game and sing, even if their players lose a game.

Even without injured Acie Law, Partizan mt:s reached maybe one of the most important wins to reach top 16 phase in this season. This game was the last game for Nikola Pekovic in black and white jersey, since due to lockout he needs to get back to United States and his teac, Minnesota Timberwolves.

One win more will be enough to top 16, and in next 3 games I am sure that Black and Whites will win at least one game more to qualify to top 16 phase and reach one of their main goals for this season.

Definitely, this team will miss Nikola Pekovic, but hopefully Miroslav Raduljica will step-up and lift his game to the next level as everybody expect from him.

Milan Macvan, beside Nikola Pekovic one of the main players in Partizan mt:s, played last night with outstanding performance and earned co-MVP title for game 7 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague, together with Erazem Lorbek.

Macvan scored 22 pointsa nd added 8 rebounds, Nikola Pekovic scored 17 and Vladimir Lucic 15 points, with some 3-pointers in important moments.

For Maccabi Electra, Devin Smith scored 12, Jordan Farmar 11 and big Sofo 10 points. Even Jordan Farmar decided to stay one more game and play against Partizan mt:s before he get back to United States and NBA, this didn’t help his team much. Just simply, Partizan mt:s couldn’t lose that game last night.

At the end, we wish all the best to Nikola Pekovic and his Wolves in coming NBA season, and I am sure that many Basketball fans in Serbia will watch Minnesota’s games and cheer for Pekovic. Me, for sure.

Photo: nadlanu.com