Maccabi without Farmar in Belgrade

partizan vs maccabi

Turkish Airlines Euroleague games will be played today, November 30, and tomorrow, December 1.

Among many interested games in week 7, one of the most interesting and especially for Basketball fans in Belgrade and Serbia, is clash between Partizan mt:s and Maccabi Electra.

Even Maccabi Electra coming in Serbian capital without one of the best players Jordan Farmar, they are still one of the best teams in Turkish Airlines Euroleague, with outstanding roster.

Due to end of lockout, Jordan Farmar is not anymore player of Maccabi Electra and he is already left Israel and moved back to United States.

According to last informations that coming from Israel Jordan Farmer will even play this game in Belgrade. As it is stated, Farmar didn’t want to miss great atmosphere that Maccabi expect in Pionir Arena at this game. So, same as Nikola Pekovic, from Partizan mt:s, Farmar will leave after this game tomorrow.

This game will be the last game for Nikola Pekovic in Partizan mt:s jersey, since he is also going back in United States and will join his team Minnesota Timberwolves for beginning of short preparation period before start of NBA season.

There are several other Turkish Airlines Euroleague teams that will lose some players due to end of NBA lockout.

All we knew that this will not last forever, but I must admit that I am pretty sad that those guys need to go back in United States.

It will be especially tough for Partizan mt:s as I can see situation, since I believe that Miroslav Raduljica is not on that level to successfully change player as Nikola Pekovic, one of the most dominant centers in European Basketball.

We will see, but I know one thing that Raduljica, Katic and Macvan will have tough goal under baskets to the end of season, both, in Turkish Airlines Euroleague and ABA Adriatic league.

Let’s get back to this game. As everybody expect this will be a real spectacle in Pionir Arena, I must bet filled with about 8.000 Partizan fans, and I am sure that it won’t be easy for Maccabi to play.

Of course, Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv is always crowded, but it is big difference when you play home and away.

Coach Vlade Jovanovic said that it is very important that his players play this game without ups and downs. He continues: “Maccabi created team to play in Final 4. They play fast and they like to be in a charge.”

One of the problems for Partizan mt:s is injury of Acie Law, and as it seems it could be a problem for him to maybe even not play this game. Jovanovic said that Law hurt his back, and this injury require up to 7 days to recover, but he hope so that Law will be able to play at Thursday.

With this possible win, Partizan mt:s would make a large step forward to their goal for this season, top 16 phase. Even, some says that Maccabi is already in top 16 phase since they have 5 wins and only one loss, and that they might play this game relaxed, I don’t think so. Even without Farmar, even with the best score in Group C, even they are almost qualified to top 16 phace, they are still Maccabi Electra, one of the best teams in Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

For all those who won’t be able to watch this game live in Pionir Arena, there is a great opportunity to watch this game LIVE on Euroleague TV platform.