Maccabi Electra topped Buducnost Voli as expected

david blatt maccabi electra

In second semifinal game of ABA Adriatic league Final 4 in Tel Aviv, Maccabi Electra wins over Buducnost Voli 82: 60 (17:12, 25:8, 22:18, 18:22).

Easy game for Maccabi Electra and they proved their dominance in ABA Adriatic league in this season.

To be honest, I didn’t expect that Buducnost Voli can do anything in this game, since Maccabi Electra is team with great roster and much money was invested in this team for this season.

After Cedevita Zagreb win over Partizan mt:s in first semifinal game, tomorrow at 20.15 CET, we will watch Final game where Maccabi Electra and Cedevita Zagreb will play and fight for ABA Adriatic trophy.

What to say? Cedevita played great yesterday, even they had a lot of problems with injuries in this season. They defeated Partizan mt:s without big problems.

But, what they can do tomorrow? Personally, I think not much. But, it is Final game, it is question of moment, individual motivation, team spirit, atmosphere. All those factors may decide game.

Two great coaches, David Blatt on one side as Maccabi Electra coach and Drazen Anzulovic, coach of Cedevita Zagreb who demonstrated Basketball tactics to coach Vlade Jovanovic, coach of Partizan mt:s in first semifinal game.

Vlade Jovanovic had no answers to Drazen Anzulovic tactics, and how he prepared his team. I would say, nothing new. It is not first time that Vlade Jovanovic lost in important games, I just hope so that he learned some new things.

If you ask me, I would like to see Cedevita Zagreb to win this trophy, even I am sceptical if they have strenght to do this. Probably, Maccabi Electra will have great support at this Final game from their supporters.

Let’s wait for tomorrow and see who will win ABA Adriatic trophy for this season.