Lokomotiv Kuban wins 2013 Eurocup title

lokomotiv kuban champ eurocup 2012 13

It is over. 2012-13 Eurocup season is over, and Lokomotiv Kuban wins trophy. At same time they qualified to Turkish Airlines Euroleague in next season.

At front of 4.000 spectators in RTL Spiroudome in Charleroi, Belgium, Lokomotiv Kuban and Uxue Bilbao Basket played one not so interesting game.

OK, it is hard to expect that decisive game should be attractive as well, but honetsly I expected much more from this game.

Especially expected much more from Uxue Bilbao Basket who lost this game without much efforts. Lokomotiv Kuban won this title too easy.

Earlier today, a lot of fans of Uxue Bilbao Basket were on the streets in Charleroi and it was expected that Spanih team will have great support.

But, obviously it wasn’t enough to beat very good team of Lokomotiv Kuban, team with a lot of self-confidence and of course great roster.

Uxue Bilbao Basket won first quarter with 17-16 and it was all for this game. With strong defense in second quarter, Lokomotiv Kuban dominated and finished first half with +8, 38-30.

Last quarter started pretty bad for Uxue Bilbao Basket as they didn’t score for 4 and half minutes, and allowed Lokomotiv Kuban 11-0 run.

Game was over, and it was just question, what will be the final result. A lot of bad decisions in offense and defense caused this situation for Uxue Bilbao Basket.

Even Uxue Bilbao Basket woke up in last 3 minutes, but it was late. Chanting “Vamos, vamos” didn’t help much. Lokomotiv Kuban is too serious team to waste this chance.

Lokomotiv Kuban wins 75-64. Richard Hendrix led Lokomotiv Kuban with 14 points and 9 rebounds. Alex Maric had double-doble with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

In Uxue Bilbao Basket, Kostas Vasileiadis scored 16 points and grabbed 6 rebounds, Milovan Rakovic scored 11 points and grabbed 6 rebounds.

I will repeat once again that I expected much much more from this game. It was Championship game, and somehow it looked like a game in regular season.

Congratulations to Lokomotiv Kuban as they deserved Eurocup title, and looking forward to watch them in Turkish Airlines Euroleague in next season.