Lebanese basketball player scores 113 points

el akkari

Heeeh, in just one single game Mohammad El Akkari, who play for Mouttahed, Basketball club from Tripoli, scored 113 points.

First, when I heard this news, I asked myself what was the final score if one player scored 113 points. Final score was 173-141, believe me or not.

When you see results like this one, then you have to ask yourself what kind of Basketball they play over there, and if they play any defense?

This is quite amazing. Of course, we had some high scores in NBA games, but let me remind you that in NBA they play 4 x 12 minutes, and this game is play according to FIBA rules which is 4 x 10 minutes.

Who guarded this guy? How’s possible that anyone had an incredible 32 three-pointers out of 59 attempts in an overall 40/69 field shooting?

Mystery is even bigger if you know that this guy in previously 23 games played for his team averaged 7.6 points per game.

El Akkari said just after game: “Thank God for this performance. I think it’s all a result of my practice.”

He also added: “I also want to thank my coach for letting me play that long and all my teammates for helping.”

El Akkari previously played NCAA Basketball at BYU-Hawaii.

Photo:  njuice.com