Kevin Durant in Europe?

kevin durant

Kevin Durant refuses to be at the NBA players Union meeting scheduled for Monday, November 14. Durant also stated that offer is not good for NBA players: “This is not what we wanted. This is not good deal and I don’t see why we should accept it, especially so late.”

If those negotiations fail again in next week, Durant said that he might sign a contract with one of European teams. One of the best NBA players already got offers from Valencia and Maccabi Electra. There are also rumors that one German team is also interested.

If Durant decide to sign contract in Europe, contract will have clause that he may leave as soon as NBA lockout finish.

Durant stated that he will personally support all decisions made by Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher.

“Chances for season 2011/2012 are 50-50. I am optimist, but people around me are pretty nervous. I hope so that something positive will happen. I would like to go on the court and play, but it is not that simple.” said Durant.

In last few weeks, Durant played several exhibition games.

This is another one great news, or better say rumor, that one of the best NBA players could come in Europe and play during lockout. I will repeat once again, I wish that lockout lasts few more months, so we can have more and more NBA players over here in Europe.