Ivkovic, to be or not to be

One of the most interesting stories these days in Serbian media is, will Dusan Ivkovic remain as a Head coach of Serbia national team.

As you probably know, Ivkovic said that he will not coach Serbia NT anymore because of some dues from Serbian Basketball federation to him and other problems in Federation. He said that no one contacted him from Federation for months.

As we can see, probably in next 7 days Serbian Basketball federation will have a new president and it could be Dragan Djilas current Belgrade mayor, since there is no other candidate. Dejan Bodiroga and Dejan Tomasevic should get some of positions in Federation board. Public opinion is pretty divided about Djilas, but I believe that he could be a good choice for this postion. As a Belgrade mayor he did a lot of good things and proved himself.

If this happen, all we hope so that Ivkovic will decide to remain as a Head coach of Serbian National team. BUT, Ivkovic is still not sure about this. One of journalists asks Ivkovic if he is still a coach of NT or not, and Ivkovic just said “it is hard”.

So, it seems that we will need to wait more to see who will coach Serbian NT in Eurobasket in Lithuania 2011 and Olympic Games in London 2012.

I would like to see Ivkovic to lead our guys to Olympic games, but if he still hesitate, we should find another candidate and start with planning for new 4 year period. Serbia have so many good coaches for example, Zeljko Obradovic, Svetislav Pesic, Dule Vujosevic and many many more.

We will see how this saga will finish and who will be named as Serbia National team coach for next period.