Inside the NBA mind

By Dhruv Ohri

Have you ever wondered why certain NBA players try so hard to win and excel as players. It almost certainly is not the money because NBA players make enormous sums of money, at least they will until the league “Contracts”. The drive that NBA players have is the result of a few prominent factors. One factor that is perhaps the most significant is recognition, once a player has made a good amount of money and possesses a certain degree of skill they strive for recognition. They want people all around the world to know their name and attempt to do that by putting up commendable numbers and winning a couple of championships in the process. This brings me to the second factor which is “winners mentality” . If a player has made it so far as the NBA, they have “had things their way” on the court for a majority if not all of their lives. An NBA player was probably the star of their high school and college teams and have grown accustomed to winning and excelling on the court. When this trend of success is broken, an NBA player will try their hardest to get it back and win again, hence the term “winner’s mentality”. The third factor is remembrance. Players want to achieve a certain degree before their careers end so that they can be remembered long after they retire.