Indiana Pacers topped Miami Heat, series tied 2-2

roy hibbert

Not sure if could expect better situation in Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals. Current result is 2-2 and we may expect more and more excitements.

Once again proved that games in NBA league are so unpredictable. You actually never know who will have good day, who will play under expectations, etc.

Despite 24 points from LeBron James, Indiana Pacers wins with double-double record of Roy Hibbert and David West.

It will be interesting if Miami Heat will be able to stop Indiana Pacers in game 5, but whatever happen I am sure that all NBA fans will enjoy in next match.

Roy Hibbert led Indiana Pacers with 23 points and 12 rebounds, Lance Stephenson scored 20 points, George Hill added 19 points and 6 assists.

In Miami Heat, LeBron James scored 24 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Mario Chalmers scored 20 points and Dwyane Wade added 16 points.

So, Indiana won 99-92 in Game 4. Game 5 will be played at Thursday night, in Miami. Each team has won on the other’s home court and we will see what will happend in next game.

Eric Spoelstra, Heat Head coach said: “They got us there in the fourth, We got what we wanted, which was a fourth-quarter lead . . . and they made bigger plays.”

Miami Heat finished with only 39 percent of the field, with Bosh 1 of 6 from the field and Wade 5 of 15. This could be a big problem for next game.

Who knows, maybe we will watch all seven games, until we find out who will join San Antonio Spurs in fight for NBA title.