Igor Rakocevic very optimistic about this season

igor rakocevic

Just few days after he signed 2-year deal with Crvena Zvezda Diva, Igor Rakocevic talked about upcoming season and goals.

Very optimistic, Igor Rakocevic said that he will do as much as he can to help Crvena Zvezda Diva to be competitive in all competitions in upcoming season.

He said: “I cannot promise titles, but I will do my best that we reach some of titles in this season. We will attack in all competitions.”

As we already wrote several times, Crvena Zvezda Diva created great team for upcoming season, and as far as I can see, they will be very competitive and big opponents to other teams from Serbia in ABA Adriatic league and Serbian league.

They will also play in Eurocup and it will be interesting how far they can reach. Igor Rakocevic, Elton Brown, Marko Simonovic are some of names who will give additional strength.

It is great to see this optimism of player who is expected to be leader and with his playing experience help young players to get better.