Hemofarm in big financial troubles

kk hemofarm stada

Even there is no official statement on BC Hemofarm official website, there are rumors in Serbian media that this club is in big financial problems.

Coach Zeljko Lukajic left team just few days ago, and he didn’t want to talk too much about reasons.

There are some speculations that one of reasons is that Hemofarm released one of their best players in this season, Boris Savovic to sign with Galatasaray.

It seems that this was too much for coach Zeljko Lukajic, especially if it is true that all this transactions were finished without his acknowledgement.

But, it is obvious today that there should be more reasons why coach Lukajic left team. It seems that financial situation is terrible and we heard today that Hemofarm said that all players are free to leave and that they will finish season with junior team.

It is nonsense. Why should players leave? Why people from board not leave the club. They are useless, they didn’t manage to find good sponsors for team. Why they are in boards if they are useless? Political points?

If this is true, it is not only disaster for Hemofarm, but also disaster for Serbian Basketball. In situation if they really plan to finish season in ABA Adriatic league with junior team, it is obvious that Serbia will have only 3 teams in next season of ABA Adriatic league.

Hemofarm will probably finish season at the bottom of standings. I am just curious, if those people from club’s board will even remain on their positions after this disaster?

Bad managers, bad economists, bad politicians are the biggest evil in sport in any of countries. They just thinking about their positions, to collect political points, build own career, and actually they do not care about sport at all.