Great start for MZT Skopje in ABA Adriatic league

aba adriatic league

Newcomers in ABA Adriatic league this year, MZT Skopje surprised Cibona Zagreb and reached first win in ABA Adriatic league.

Actually, for all of us who had opportunity to watch this game LIVE, it wasn’t really surprise. MZT Skopje was better team from the beginning and gave free Basketball lessons to Cibona Zagreb.

One great thing was that small group of people, MZT Skopje fans created great atmosphere gave great support to their players in Drazen Petrovic Sports center.

After this game, I believe that all teams will understand that being newcomers not means being underdogs in every game.

I believe that Cibona Zagreb players believed that this could be an easy game against MZT Skopje, but I am sure that they already had regret.

Davis Cade led MZT Skopje with 21 points, Gjorji Cekovski scored 13 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, Damjan Stojanovski scored 12 points.

For Cibona Zagreb, Tomislav Zupcic scored 17 points but also missed some shots in last minute, Justin Hamilton scored 16 points and grabbed 8 rebounds.

We would like to congratulate to MZT Skopje for great game and deserved win in Game 1 of ABA Adriatic league.