Gameplay on Diamond Strike Slot

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Diamond Strike is a classic slot with attractive bonus features that are perfect for any player. Get ready to be entertained by this sparkling slot. This slot at may be shiny, but it boasts old-fashioned values perfect for nostalgic players. This slot brings about a modern twist in the form of top-notch special features and unbeatable graphics.

Diamond Strike General Info

With uncomplicated gameplay, this slot is a winner for most players as it’s got it all, pretty visuals, fun gameplay, a wealthy theme, and more. This slot is easy to get the hang of, you’ll be a pro after a few spins. Players tend to lean toward slots that don’t require much research which explains why this straightforward game is so loved.

Pragmatic Play Slot Developer

This company has produced hit after hit leading them to become a giant in the industry. Their portfolio is rather impressive and boasts a plethora slots including this successful title. Within only a couple of years, this company has managed to produce some of the highest rated slots on the market. Try your hand at this slot and allow the nostalgia to flow as you play this classic game.


This slot displays a 5-reel board with 15 paylines to play across and take your chances on. This classic slot features colourful symbols that have been seen before and continues to add to the nostalgia of this slot that makes players feel like they’ve played it before. These symbols include bunches of fruit like classic fruit machines. There are lemons, watermelons, and cherries. Diamond Strike was given a modern makeover by making sure they stand out and display striking graphics.

Diamond Strike Special Features

This slot displays standard bonus symbols including wilds and scatters. The wilds are represented by the Diamond Strike symbol. These bonus symbols help players to win higher valued prizes as they’re able to substitute any other symbol except other bonus symbols to help form better combinations.

Scatters are bonus symbols that are marked as “free spins” icons which make them easy to spot. There is no need to guess what this symbol does as it’s clearly labelled. With this symbol what you see is what you get and what you get are some extra spins. The goal with this symbol is to land three scatters on your first, third, and fifth reels.

The Verdict

If you’ve been looking forward to a classic slot that has a familiar feel and the perk of striking graphics, then this is the slot for you. Being more than worth a spin, there are many wins waiting for you in this slot. Diamond Strike is filled with wins and riches for you to enjoy while feeling a heavy dose of reminiscence. Players are known to get hooked after a couple of spins so be sure to keep an eye on your bankroll and have fun!