Game 1 of Greek Final cancelled after attack on Panathinaikos bus

panathinaikos bus attacked

Another one shameful story happened before Game 1 of Greek Final between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos in SEF Arena.

Bus with Panathinaikos players were attacked with stones, pretty close to SEF Arena and according to latest reports two players got injuries and were taken to hospital.

Stratos Perperoglou and Steven Smith are injured Panathinaikos players and we hope so that injuries are not serious and that everything will be ok with them.

This is really shame that things like this happen in sport, just because group of people support different teams.

Is this reason to attack bus full of athletes, people who promote sport around the world, who promote non-violence society before games with big banners?

I don’t want to talk about who attacked but, I am sure that who ever attacked bus should pay consequences for this violent attack.

I am not fan of Panathinaikos or Olympiacos, just Basketball fan who is sick of things like this and condemn this attack.

According to sources from Greece, game is postponed due to approval of state ministries and the police.

I am sure that there will be some new safety measures for this final series and problem is that all those normal Basketball fans probably won’t be able to watch live games and support their teams because of those barbarians.

Photo: @maric_aleks