Filip Covic left Crvena Zvezda Diva

filip covic

Filip Covic, playmaker of Crvena Zvezda Diva decided to leave club due to personal reasons. Son of President of Crvena Zvezda Diva Nebojsa Covic, said that he couldn’t handle pressure.

Many time criticized for his performances on the court but also for playing minutes as many believed that he playing just because of his father.

Of course, this situation could be tough for the most of people so Filip Covic decided that it is enough and announced his decision to Coach Vlada Vukoicic this morning.

If we talk about playing qualities of Filip Covic, maybe he is not top player and maybe he is limited with potentials but I remember several games when he gave significant addition in Crvena Zvezda Diva results.

After this, one of the most talented young players Aleksandar Cvetkovic could possibly get more chances and playing minutes, and we will see if this will happen.

In his statement, Filip Covic said: “After a long time of thinking, I decided to leave club and continue my career somewhere else. I couldn’t handle anymore pressure and negative comments.”

He continues: “It was really hard to handle all this situation and several times it really affected my health.”

“Being son of club’s president pushed me to work even more and prove myself everyday. Statements that I had more playing minutes as a president’s son are not true.”

However, Filip Covic proved that he is great guy, if you ask me, he made a good decision and I really wish him all the best in his career.