Expected win for Radnicki against Hemofarm

radnicki kragujevac demolishes tbb trier in great basketball game

As the most of us who follow ABA Adriatic league and especially Serbian Basketball expected, Radnicki reached another one win today in Kragujevac, beating Hemofarm Stada.

Radnicki won 94:74 (28:24, 24:22, 28:14, 14:14) at front of 2.500 spectators, not even close as it was crowded in game against Partizan mt:s.

Hemofarm played well despite all problems they have, and in first 20 minutes they were even better team in some moments of game.

After bad start, Radnicki started to play better and with good shot for 2 and 3 points had 6 points difference after first 20 minutes.

In second half, full domination of Radnicki. I must say I didn’t enjoy much in this game, since both teams played without big responsibility in defense, and it was run-and-gun philosophy.

As we already wrote about situation in Hemofarm, when coach Zeljko Lukajic left team, another one coach refuses to lead team for the rest of season. Dusan Gvozdic refuses to coach team due to insecure situation.

Finally, one of assistant coaches, actually coach who was responsible for opponents scouting, Goran Topic appointed as a new Head coach of Hemofarm.

As we heard today, financial situation is so bad that according to Arena Sport commentator this was the last game for several players who got permissions to search for new teams.

It seems that rumors that Hemofarm will finish this ABA Adriatic league season with Junior team could be true.

For Radnicki in this game, Steven Markovic scored 15 points, Michael Scott 13 and Miljan Pavkovic 11. Michael Scott added 7 rebounds and 7 assists.

On the other side, for Hemofarm Stada, Mladen Pantic scored 23 points, and Ivan Maras added 16 points.

With this win, Radnicki is another one step closer to possible position 4 for Final four, even it is still too far. Of course, they won’t give up of possibility to play in Eurocup in next season. However, it s one of goals for Radnicki in this season.

They also expect good results in Serbian Cup and domestic Serbian Championship. Beside Partizan mt:s, Radnicki is one of the favorites for those two titles.

Photo: nadlanu.com