Euroleague warned Partizan mt:s

partizan fans pionir belgrade

Tomorrow evening, Partizan mt:s Belgrade will host Belgacom Spirou Charleroi in Game 3 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

Day before this very important game, Partizan mt:s received very serious warning from Euroleague that in case that Partizan mt:s fans repeat throwing coins and mobile phones on court, Partizan mt:s will face financial punishment.

And not just financial punishment. In statement issued by Euroleague, they even warned Partizan about possible suspension of Pionir Sport hall, and in that case Partizan mt:s will play all home games 300 kilometers far from Belgrade.

All this happened because Partizan mt:s fans throws coins and mobile phones on game 1 against Anadolu Efes. They were not satisfied with some referees decisions. For those happenings, Partizan mt:s fined with 6.500 EUR. If this happen again it will be between 10.000 – 100.000 EUR.

Of course, this is not the way to complain or disagree with some decisions.

Yesterday and today, Partizan mt:s issued many official calls to fans, to not do anything that could possibly have hard consequences for Black and Whites.

We really hope so that Partizan mt:s fans called “Undertakers” will support their players on the best possible way, singing during whole game.