Eurocup 2014 Finals, Game 2

eurocup finals 2014

Time for decision, who will be Eurocup Champion. Game 2, decisive game, will be played today in Kazan, Russsia. In Game 1, Valencia Basket celebrated with +13.

Unics Kazan had bad time in Game 1, as they had -33 in third quarter, and luckily finished with “only” -13. Valencia Basket had great opportunity to finish this story even in Game 1, but somehow they lost focus in last minutes.

Will +13 be enough for Valencia to celebrate today, we will see at 17.00 CET as game will start. In game 1, Justin Doellman played great role for Valencia Basket as he scored 28 points.

He earned MVP title in Game 1 with index rating 35. Unics Kazan will have tough goal today to stop Doellman to repeat such a great performance.

In case that Valencia Basket win title today, it will be their third Eurocup trophy. Unics Kazan will try to grab their second Eurocup title.

However, we may expect great game today, and we will find out who will win Eurocup trophy. Good luck to Unics Kazan and Valenica Basket.