EuroBasket 2011 quarterfinals

Here we are, quarterfinals are set. Starting from tomorrow, Wednesday, September 14 we will see who will qualify to semifinals.

At first day, September 14, we will watch two games. Spain vs. Slovenia at 17.00 CET and F.Y.R of Macedonia vs. Host Lithuania at 20.00 CET

If we take a look at those games, probably most of people would say that Spain and Lithuania will pass to semifinals. But, lets wait for tomorrow and we will know much more. I am also pretty sure that Slovenia is unable to beat Spain, but at same time Macedonia played well during whole championship and who knows. The truth is that they will meet hosts, Lithuania, but Macedonia already proved that they play with “cold heads”.

At second day, September 15, another two great games and clashes between France and Greece at 17.00 CET, and for me the most important game, Russia vs: Serbia at 20.00 CET. France is better team than Greece, but maybe Greece have something hidden to show at this game. Serbia will have a tough game against Russia, against very strong defense. But, if we know that Macedonia almost surprise them, it is obvious that Serbia also have big chance to win and qualify to semifinals.