Dynamo Moscow wins 2013 Eurocup Women

dynamo moscow wins eurocup women 2013

In fantastic atmosphere in Kadir Has Kongre ve Spor Merkezi in Game 2 of Eurocup Women Finals, at front of 11.000 spectators, Dynamo Moscow despite defeat against Kayseri Kaski spor 74-70, wins Eurocup Women title.

In Game 1, Dynamo Moscow celebrated with final score of 66-61, and with total score of 136-135 earned Eurocup Women trophy.

Can’t remember such a great atmosphere on one of Women Basketball games, and I was really impressed. Beside that, very good game last night.

Kayseri Kaski had its chances, and even I believed that will win with more than 5 points, they made few turnovers and just simply give title to Dynamo Moscow.

Kayseri Kaski sport even had +9 in last 36 seconds, and it was really amazing that they finished this game with just +5.

But, with a lot of patience and even more important self-confidence, Dynamo Moscow deserved title in this season of Eurocup Women.

Kristi Toliver led Dynamo Moscow with 23 points, Nadezhda Grishaeva scored 14 points and grabbed 6 rebounds, Crystal Langhorne added 12 points.

In Kayseri Kaski spor, Lara Sanders scored 19 points, Zoi Dimitrakou scored 17 points and Evanthia Maltsi added 14 points.

Photo: fibaeurope.com