Dustin Ware signed with Cibona Zagreb

dustin ware

Another one rookie in European Basketball as Cibona Zagreb signed Dustin Ware for upcoming season and bolstered its backcourt.

Dustin Ware came directly from NCAA Basketball where he played four years for the University of Georgia averaged 8.1 points and 2.3 assists per game in last season.

As I said another one rookie as Partizan mt:s yesterday signed Drew Gordon for 1-year contract.

I don’t know, if you ask me, it is always gambling with players who coming directly from NCAA Basketball, without experience of playing in Europe.

No doubt that they are great players, mostly very athletic, but it is always question if they will adjust to European style of Basketball.

There were a lot of positive examples that players from NCAA did a great job even in their rookie season in Europe, but on the other hand there were players that couldn’t adjust.

Dustin ware is 22 years old and he is 178 cm tall. And this is another one interesting thing. He is another one short (under 180 cm) player who coming from NCAA Basketball.

In Europe we don’t have that short players especially in top competitions as Turkish Airlines Euroleague or Eurocup.

So, it is another one difference in philosophy from NCAA and European Basketball.

Photo: 247sports.com