Dusko Vujosevic suspended for three games

dusko vujosevic

As we already wrote about incidents on game between Partizan mt:s and Zadar, here is the epilogue. Dusko Vujosevic is suspended for three games.

Beside this, Partizan mt:s was fined with 6600 EUR for several violations at this game. As we wrote, Dusko Vujosevic verbally attacked referees after he got second technical foul.

This unappropriate behavior and threats toward officials caused incidents in Pionir Sport hall, as Partizan mt:s fans were throwing solid objects on Zadar’s player and game was stopped for several minutes.

Even fan of Partizan mt:s, I was so disappointed with behavior of Coach Dusko Vujosevic and it sent pretty bad picture from Belgrade.

Dusko Vujosevic pretty known as coach who likes to argue about referees decisions all the time, went too far this time.

Too much bad words, trash talk to referees and this suspension is ok. On the other hand, all these incidents helped Partizan mt:s to win in this game.

So, we may blame Coach Dusko Vujosevic for behavior, and on other hand call him genius for such move. He initiated incidents and put all pressure on his back.

After that, Partizan mt:s players played well and won this game, even Zadar was better team during 37 minutes.

ABA League Competition office also fined referees and commissioner because of administrative mistakes on this game.

It was significant that referees changed their criteria after all these incidents, as they called several personal fouls to Zadar’s players in short time.

However, I believe that it was good decision from ABA league Competition office and I hope so that we will not have situations like this one on Basketball courts anymore.

Being coach means being educator, someone who teach young, talented athletes. Giving them such example is not good.

And at the end, I must say that Assistant Coach, Velimir Gasic did outstanding job in last few minutes and deserved congrats for this win. Great full court pressure and engagement on the court of Partizan mt:s players. Well done Coach!!!