Dusan Ivkovic not satisfied despite great results

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

Serbian National team Coach Gusan Ivkovic despite great score of nine wins in testing games during preparation period in last one month, is not satisfied with some things.

Serbia wins Belgrade Trophy tournament as they topped Turkey in Final game, but Coach Ivkovic wasn’t satisfied with this game.

Ivkovic says: “I can’t be satisfied with game against Turkey. We have great talent but we cannot play only on instinct. Basketball culture and approach to game are on pretty low level.”

Ivkovic continues: “Our players have problem to receive informations. There are some problems in communication between players. We agreed some things, but we see some other things on the court.”

He also added: “We need to raise level of aggressiveness and concetration, since we will play 10 games in 25 days against some of very tough opponents.”

This is great coach. Beside all good results he always find some details that it could be better and on this way keeps player focused on practicing and hard working.

I am sure that Ivkovic will correct all these problems before start of Qualifications for EuroBasket 2013.