Dusan Ivkovic in big troubles due to injuries

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

Probably that Dusan Ivkovic even in his worst nightmares didn’t expect such situation. Beside that two players didn’t even show up, there are also a lot of injury problems.

As we already wrote few days ago, Milovan Rakovic and Miroslav Raduljica didn’t show up at the beginning of the preparation phase for Qualifications for EuroBasket 2013.

Novica Velickovic, Kosta Perovic and Stefan Markovic are also not among other players due to injuries. It is still pretty unclear situation with Nenad Krstic and Vladimir Micov as Dusan Ivkovic expect medical exam results at Monday.

Due all those problems, Dusan Ivkovic stated at press conference: “This is not our the best team, but we will try to find solution. We need to trust in our young players.”

He also added: “I don’t want to talk if we are favorites.”

It is obvious that situation is pretty complicated and all we may hope so that everything will be fine.

I am sure that team captain Nenad Krstic will play even if he won’t be fully recovered.

In case that Serbian National team is completed this Qualification round shouldn’t be such big problem.

In situation like this, at least, it will be more interesting to watch all games, since there are few teams that can beat all opponents.