Dusan Ivkovic cuts Dragan Labovic and Nemanja Jaramaz

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

After weeks of preparations and few testing games, Coach of National team of Serbia, Dusan Ivkovic decided to cut two players from list.

National team of Serbia will continue preparation period without Dragan Labovic and Nemanja Jaramaz as Ivkovic decided that it is the best at this moment.

Dusan Ivkovic said: “After we analyze this period, we decided to cut these two players, who will still be candidates for Qualifications for EuroBasket 2013, as they are on list we sent to FIBA.”

Ivkovic continues: “They proved with hard working that we can count on them in future.”

Even still in big troubles with injuries, Dusan Ivkovic decided to wait for team captain Nenad Krstic and Aleksandar Rasic.

Dusan Ivkovic said: “With shoulder injury, Aleksandar Rasic still didn’t play any testing games, so we decided plan a bit. We will continue to work with 14 players in the rest of preparation period and hope so that Krstic and Rasic will recover.”

I believe that it is good decision to wait Nenad Krstic to recover, since Serbia have big problems with Center position. On the other hand, Nenad Krstic is team captain and he deserves to be here.

Hopefully in next days, National team of Serbia will not have any more injuries and that they will be prepared well for Qualification games.