Drazen Petrovic, in memoriam, 19 years since his death

drazen petrovic

Today is 19 years since tragically car accident and death of one of the best Basketball players in the world ever, Drazen Petrovic.

Basketball Mozzart is not among us, but its legend will live forever. All we who remember how he played and how good player he was, will never forget him.

Especially, all we who played Basketball at that time, we had same idol, it was Drazen Petrovic. We were dreaming to be like him someday.

The first moment when I heard news about his death I couldn’t believe, it was hard to understand and accept that such a legend is not among us anymore.

Even today, when you watch Basketball, you cannot find so much players like he was. His energy, potential, shooting abilities, capabilities as a leader on court, it is hard to find in any other player.

I was always a fan of team for which Drazen played at this time. It wasn’t important if it was Sibenka, Cibona, Real Madrid and later in NBA, Portland Trailblazers or New Jersey Nets.

It is sad day today for all of us who loved or better say adored Drazen Petrovic as a player. And, it is my way to pay tribute to Drazen Petrovic, one and only.

Photo: seebiz.eu