Danilo Andjusic, Radivoj Korac Cup MVP

danilo andjusic partizan mts

When he signed for Partizan mt:s, it was obvious that Black and whites got one extraordinary young talent.

Danilo Andjusic came from Hemofarm Vrsac, and since summer demonstrated his talent everytime he got some chance from coach Vlade Jovanovic.

Many times criticized about young players and their playing minutes, it seems that coach Jovanovic finally understood what talent Andjusic has.

Danilo Andjusic was named as MVP of Radivoj Korac Cup final tournament, and this trophy will be a big stimulation for this young guy.

Andjusic says: “It is on coach to decide who will play and how many minutes. It is on me, to work hard and try to get more playing time. We have a big competition in team, and it is another one motive to work hard and improve my skills. This MVP title is big motive to be better and better.”

Born shooter, this young 20 years-old guy already proved himself many times, and that he has no problem to take responsibility and try to score in key moments. He has a great self-confidence.

One thing that I really like with Andjusic, he didn’t forget his ex team, Hemofarm Vrsac, where he got a chance to play and coach Zeljko Lukajic who gave him great support.

Danilo Andjusic says: “I am very thankful to Hemofarm and coach Zeljko Lukajic for giving me a chance. I have a great memories from that time.”

Congratulations Danilo, just keep up a good work.

Photo: beta.rs