CSKA wins over Partizan mt:s in real drama

bogdan bogdanovic

All we who love Partizan mt:s are very proud how they played last night in wonderful game against Russian powerhouse, CSKA Moscow.

In packed Pionir Sport hall, at front of about 6.500 fans, in fantastic atmosphere, Partizan mt:s and CSKA Moscow played the best game in this season of Turkish Airlines Euroleague so far.

In Game of the week, CSKA Moscow wins after overtime, with final score 76-71. Young team of Partizan mt:s proved that they have great potential.

Coach Dusko Vujosevic began another one Cinderella story with new talents, and all we hope so that someday they will play in Finals.

From the beginning of the game, it was obvious that Partizan mt:s will use all potentials and not allow CSKA to win easily.

Fantastic atmosphere in Pionir Sport hall, gave additional motivation to young players of Partizan mt:s, and it was joy to watch how CSKA had so many problems.

Leo vs. Teo

Expected match-up between two players, Leo Westermann and Milos TEOdosic gave us great opportunity to see that Leo Westermann was close to Teodosic and in some elements even better.

Leo Westermann played more than 41 minutes, compared to almost 31 for Milos Teodosic. Westermann scored 15 points, Teodosic 12.

For 2-point, Westermann had 2/8, Teodosic 2/3. For 3-point, Westermann had great 3/6 compared to 1/7 of Milos Teodosic.

Westermann grabbed 2 rebounds, Teodosic only 1. Westermann had 4 assists compared to 2 of Teodosic.

Finally, Leo Westermann had even 7 turnovers, Milos Teodosic 3. I believe that all we may be satisfied witt performance of Leo Westermann, even I am sure that he can much better.

For winners, unstoppable Sonny Weems scored 30 points, Milos Teodosic added 12 points, Nenad Krstic and Zoran Erceg scored 9 points each.

Young Bogdan Bogdanovic led Partizan mt:s with 16 points, Leo Westermann added 15, Davis Bertans scored 11 points.

Photo:  novosti.rs