Crvena Zvezda downed Radnicki

Fantastic game yesterday in Pionir sport hall when Crvena Zvezda beat Radnicki Kragujevac 95:85.

In first half it was amazing game for Crvena Zvezda, especially their 3 pts percentage. There were no much games in Super league that one team had so good percentage for 3 points.

In Crvena Zvezda 3 players scored 20 points, Uros Nikolic, Nemanja Nedovic and Vujadin Subotic. In Radnicki, Nenad Sulovic scored 19, Michael Lee 18 and Steven Markovic 15 points.

Radnicki coach, Miroslav Muta Nikolic was pretty disappointed after this loss in Belgrade and he said that his team lost from Junior team. The fact is that Crvena Zvezda have a very young team, and this thing could be a good start for Red and whites to build a team for future.

Crvena Zvezda coach Sasa Nikitovic prepared this game very well and and I must admit that he is the one who deserves this win the most. He said after game:
“Big win for us, especially because we are in the better score now with the Radnicki. Radnicki came quite weak, without few players, Vukosavljevi?, Miletic, and Aleksic. We started very well, we controlled the game, there were ups and downs in offense. We played the combined defense and our opponents became confused. When we realized that we can play better, we returned advantage. I have to mention 10 assists of Bakic, and the superiority of the jump.”

As I did mention yesterday, Radnicki splitted with Vladan “Joe” Vukosavljevic just 2 days ago, and I am so sure that coach Nikolic will regret this. As we heard due to some interpersonal problems between him and Vukosavljevic, Vukosavljevic decided to leave Radnicki. Yesterday, Radnicki missed him a lot under baskets to stop Uros Nikolic and other Crvena Zvezda players who dominated under baskets. 

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