Coach K the most successful NCAA coach

coach mike krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski or “Coach K” became the most successful Basketball coach in NCAA history after his Duke beat Michigan State 74:69.

This was 903rd win for Coach K, and with this win he is the most successful coach in NCAA Basketball.

Many years just after Bob Knight, his coach, mentor throughout his professional career. Finally, Coach K is number one. He’s won four national titles and made 11 Final Fours.

He reached those 903 win through 35 years as a Head coach. After this win Coach K said: “I am still not quite sure what does this mean. I coach every game at the same way.”

He continues: “I just said to coach that I love him, I wouldn’t be here without him. I know that he is proud about me, same as I was proud to worked for him, and tried to be like him.”

One of Duke players, Andre Dawkins said just after game: “He told us that this is just game as every other.” Dawkins scored 26 points.

This is great success for one coach. I can just imagine, how many wins he would have if NCAA season have more games.

It is important to say that Coach K beside Head coaching position at Duke University is also Head coach of United States National team.

Congratulations to Coach K and I really looking forward for some more good games by Duke, one of my favorite NCAA Basketball teams.

It is great that NCAA Basketball season started, so all we fans of NCAA Basketball will enjoy in many good games around. For me, as I stated many times, NCAA Basketball is much more interested than NBA, and I am big fan of NCAA Basketball.



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