Cibona threaten to withdraw from ABA Adriatic league

jasmin repesa

After Cibona lost against Partizan mt:s in Game 19 of ABA Adriatic league, coach Jasmin Repesa had so many complaints about referees on this game.

As we wrote, Partizan mt:s defeated Cibona 77:83 after overtime in Zagreb. Coach Jasmin Repesa was so pissed off on referees, as he believed that they are guilty for its team loss.

There were a lot of arguing in last few days about this game, especially in Croatian newspapers and other media. Coach Repesa was pretty hard in some statements.

Today we got another information that Cibona thinking to withdraw team from ABA Adriatic league because they believe that referees made wrong decisions in at least 12 situations.

People from Cibona’s board and coaches, over weekend used to analyze all situation in the game, and agrees that referees made at least 12 mistakes and gave win to Partizan mt:s.

Zdenko Antunovic, director of Cibona says: “We were in terrible financial situation. Now, after we solved most of problems, brought top class coach, worked hard to have our fans back to Arena, referees stole this game from us. 12 mistakes is too much for 40 minutes of game. After all we believe that ABA Adriatic league is just for referees and some people who have very good salaries.”

I can understand how mad are people from Cibona. It is hard, when you doing your best and trying to solve all problems, build the team to reach some high standards.

I was watching this game, and I may say that referees were pretty bad. But, not only bad in this game. During whole season of ABA Adriatic league, there were many games with bad referees. ABA Adriatic league must do something regarding referees if they want to keep status of one of the best Basketball competitions in Europe.

On the other hand, I am not quite sure that referees decided this game between Cibona and Partizan mt:s. Maybe I am subjective, since I am fan of Partizan mt:s, but there were a lot of bad calls not only against Cibona, but Partizan mt:s as well.

However, I just hope so that Cibona will stay strong, and not withdraw team from this competition because I believe that ABA Adriatic league needs Cibona and all other quality teams from Ex Yugoslavia to keep quality in this competition.