Cibona demolishes Hemofarm in postponed game

cibona destroyed hemofarm

In postponed game of ABA Adriatic league Week 20, Cibona Zagreb demolishes Hemofarm with final score 55:98 (10:29, 7:32, 16:11, 22:26).

If you score 17 points in 20 minutes and allow to receive 61 what can you expect? I would say, nothing except to be destroyed, but badly destroyed.

I am sure that Cibona could beat Hamofarm even with 70+ if they just wanted. Hemofarm had terrible 3 points percentage 0/11 only in first half. 1/19 after 40 minutes, 5.3%.

Hemofarm had 15 turnovers, Cibona 9. For Cibona, all players from roster scored some points. Davor Kus and Pavle Marcinkovic led Cibona with 15 points each.

In Hemofarm, Mladen Jeremic scored 14, Mladen Pantic scored 12 points, Nemanja Dangubic added 8.

Even I am not fan of Hemofarm or Cibona, I must say that I am very sad because of this loss for Hemofarm. If you ask me, this is not only shame for Hemofarm, but for Serbia as well.

With those terrible results of Hemofarm in this season of ABA Adriatic league, only 5 wins and even 15 losses, Serbia will definitely lose one spot in ABA Adriatic league in the next season. Too bad.

Another one thing that really bothering me. Decision to add Nebojsa Bogavac as a Head Coach in very difficult time for Hemofarm is nonsense. Ex player, coach without any coaching experience, is not good solution at all.

Of course I am not blaming Bogavac for nothing, but he is not a solution in this moment. They need experience in this moment to help them to solve all those problems.

In next game, Hemofarm will play against Maccabi Electra at Monday, February 27. Dear Lord have a mercy on Hemofarm. I don’t know what we can expect against Maccabi Electra after this tragedy against Cibona Zagreb.