Cedevita wins over Partizan mt:s and qualified to ABA Adriatic Final

drazen anzulovic cedevita

In first semifinal game of ABA Adriatic league Final 4 today Cedevita Zagreb topped Partizan mt:s and qualify to Final game which will be played at Monday.

Final score 68:56 (14:15, 20:17, 17:14, 17:10).

First I must say that I expected much much more from this semifinal game. I am sure that most of Basketball fans would agree with me.

Cedevita deserves this win 100%, I say this even I am fan of Partizan mt:s. But, it is obvious that Partizan mt:s is not in good form, and that in this season they didn’t play as all we expected from them.

As we already wrote both teams had many problems with injuries before this Final 4 tournament, and it seems that Cedevita recovered their players better.

Even they played without their best player, Matjaz SModis, they won and it will be interesting what they can do in Final game, probably against Maccabi Electra.

For Cedevita Zagreb, Christopher Owens scored 18 points, Miro Bilan scored 15 and Marko Car added 10 points.

On the other side, for Partizan mt:s, Miroslav Raduljica scored 15 points, Dragan Milosavljevic and Vladimir Lucic scored 8 points each.

After this loss, Partizan mt:s will focus on Serbian Championship and try to win this trophy even it will not be an easy goal, according to their form.