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Dismissed EuroBasket doping speculations

eurobasket 2011 lithuania

Two days ago some rumors appeared on some sport media in Lithuania and across the Europe that two players were found positive on doping control during EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania. Rumors said that two players, members of National teams of

Spain, EuroBasket 2011 Champions

Like many expected Spain won EuroBasket 2011 gold medal. In not so exciting match, Spain beat France and won gold medal. I can say finally, it is over. Even I love Basketball so much, those 3 weeks just watching Basketball

EuroBasket 2011 semifinals

After yesterday’s games we finally have four teams who will compete for medals. Expectedly, Spain, France, but not sure if I can say that Russia and especially F.Y.R. of Macedonia were expected to be seen in semifinals. However, in last

F.Y.R. of Macedonia in semifinals

Another one sensation from F.Y.R. of Macedonia, or maybe this is not sensation anymore? Lithuania as a hosts lost from F.Y.R. of Macedonia and probably this is the best surprise so far at EuroBasket 2011. I must say that I

EuroBasket 2011 quarterfinals

Here we are, quarterfinals are set. Starting from tomorrow, Wednesday, September 14 we will see who will qualify to semifinals. At first day, September 14, we will watch two games. Spain vs. Slovenia at 17.00 CET and F.Y.R of Macedonia

Serbia in quarterfinals

After 2 losses and one win in second round Serbia finally qualified for quarterfinals. After very interesting game against Turkey, Serbia won 68:67 and sent Turkey home. This was a kind of revenge for loss from Turkey in last year

EuroBasket 2011 – first round

After preliminary round and five games played, Serbia have 4 wins and only one loss. It could be 5 wins without loss, if Savanovic scored that easy shot just second before end of over time in game against France. However,

Good Luck Serbia!!!

Tomorrow is a big day for all National teams who will compete at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania. But also big day for all of us Basketball fans. EuroBasket 2011 starts tomorrow. I would like to wish all the best to

EuroBasket 2011 Lithuania

August 31, 2011. Date that most of Basketball fans around the globe can’t wait to come. I am also very excited and looking forward to forget all other things during EuroBasket, except sitting at front of my TV and watch

Novica Velickovic out of Serbia NT

Unfortunately after weeks of calculations and rumors, it is finally confirmed, Novica Velickovic will not play at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania. Real Madrid player came with injury at the begging of preparation for EuroBasket 2011 and he tried to regain

Ratko Varda left Bosnian NT

Few days ago, after Bosnian Basketball National team came back from “Adecco Ex Yu” tournament in Ljubljana, Slovenija, one of the best and most experienced player, Ratko Varda left National team. Of course there were a lot of rumors about

Eurobasket Men 2011 official song

One of the biggest spectacles in this year is FIBA Eurobasket Men 2011 in Lithuania. I believe that most of fans, looking forward to watch this spectacle. I am sure that Lithuania will be a great host since I was