Bozidar Maljkovic resigned as Cedevita coach

bozidar maljkovic

Very unexpected news for Croatian Basketball, as one of the legend coaches, Bozidar Maljkovic decided to resign as head coach of Cedevita Zagreb.

After leading Cedevita Zagreb to its first Turkish Airlines Euroleague victories ever in each of the last two weeks, legend Bozidar Majlkovic unexpectedly resigned as head coach on Tuesday, citing personal reasons, the club confirmed in a press conference.

It is great shock in Cedevita Zagreb as they couldn’t imagine this in their worst nightmares.

Maljkovic returned to the Euroleague this season after several years away to coach Cedevita, an upstart club that made its debut in the competition last month after having excelled in the Eurocup two years earlier.

Start of season wasn’t that good for Maljkovic and Cedevita in both competition, Turkish Airlines Euroleague and ABA Adriatic league.

But, it was obvious that things getting better and better, even Cedevita played with a lot of oscilations and lost some of games, that no one expected.

Team officials said that assistant coach Jaksa Vulic, who had been head coach of Cedevita twice before, last in 2007, will be on the bench in Milan on Thursday.

I would like to know real reasons for resignation of Bozidar Maljkovic, since citing personal reasons not telling much.

There are speculations about not good relations in team, and possible conflicts, but still unconfirmed.

Matej Mamic, General manager of Cedevita said: “We worked well even though we did not agree on everything, and that is why I am surprised that the coach leaves before the most important games of the season.”

Mamic continues: “I do not know about any conflict between a coach and the players. Coach was very much in charge at practices and games. If there was some minor conflict, I don’t believe it was essential. And between the coach and the club administration, there was no problem.”