Basketball spectacle in Belgrade

Last night in Belgrade in Sport hall Pionir, Red Star Belgrade played match against Bayern Munich for humanitarian purposes.

At front of 7000 Red Star fans in great atmosphere, Red Star Belgrade beat Bayern Munich 80:55.

This was a great chance for Red Star Belgrade to present team for coming season. With new Head coach, Svetislav Pesic and several new players, expectations are big.

After fusion with FMP Zeleznik, Red Star Belgrade now have much better situation comparing to few previous seasons.

But, if we take a look at this new team, I must say that there are still much to do. On moments it looks good, on moment pretty bad, without idea in offense. American player Morrison, who played two years for L.A. Lakers, seems to be one of the main players. But, he doesn’t play defense, and it will be a big problem. “Run and gun” philosophy is almost never good idea.

We will see. ABA league (NLB Adriatic league) starts this week for Red Star Belgrade and for the most of other teams (Maccabi, Krka, Zlatorog already played) and this will be the real test for new team.