Anadolu Efes downed Partizan

Anadolu Efes downed Partizan mt:s in game 1 of this season Euroleague. Final score 73:84 (28:27, 17:21, 6:20, 22:16).

In crowded Pionir sport hall, at front of about 8.000 Partizan fans, Anadolu Efes and Partizan mt:s played one very good and interesting match, but I may say only in first half.

Partizan played great match for first 15 minutes, but after that Efes was much better team.

Second half Partizan played pretty nervous with lot of turnovers and personal fouls.

Milan Macvan who just came a day before this game on loan from Maccabi had a pretty good game. He scored 14, Nikola Pekovic 21 and Dragan Milosavljavic added 10. Macvan added 7 rebounds, Pekovic 6.

On Anadolu Efes side, Tarence Kinsey scored 18, Dusko Savanovic 17 and Sasha Vujacic 14 points.

Partizan mt:s will have a lot of problems in next game if they not change defense and focus in second half.

Partizan mt:s coach Vlada Jovanovic said after game: “We had a lot of troubles with personal fouls. We tried to change things in second half with rotation. We also had problem with Efes press defense.” Jovanovic also added that everybody need to be patient to Acie Law who came to European basketball after 4 years played in NBA. Jovanovic believes that Law will soon become real leader of the team. We will see.

Ex coach of Partizan mt:s Dusko Vujosevic (currently president of sport society Partizan) said that referees didn’t have a good criteria. He added that Pekovic got two fouls pretty fast, and 3rd and 4th fouls he got in very short time.

For me the brightest thing on this game were Partizan fans “Grobari” (Undertakers). They supported their team through whole game and gave them their maximal support. Even after game, they stayed in Arena and were singing for more than 20 minutes after game.