Aleksandar Todorov resigned as Coach of MZT Skopje

aleksandar todorov

As it is officially confirmed by club, Aleksandar Todorov is not coach of MZT Skopje anymore. He decided to resign after MZT Skopje lost in Game 5 in ABA Adriatic league against Split.

It was third consecutive loss for MZT Skopje, so coach Aleksandar Todorov decided to step down and accept full responsibility for these results.

MZT Skopje started this season in ABA Adriatic league with two consecutive wins, but after that things went wrong.

Aleksandar Todorov said: “Our score of 2 wins and losses is quite expected, but how team played in last few games is not what we expected.”

He also expressed his gratitude for all people in board of MZT Skopje and for all support he had as coach.

According to Saso Bosilkov, President of MZT Skopje, Aleksandar Todorov will stay with club as sport director.

It is still unknown who will take over after Aleksandar Todorov, according to club, it will be known in next 24 hours.

MZT Skopje will host Crvena Zvezda Diva in Game 6 at Saturday, October 27. It will be interesting if this move will wake-up players of MZT Skopje.

However, it is expected that Crvena Zvezda Diva will not come with full roster for this game in Skopje.