ABA Adriatic league suspended Dusko Vujosevic, again

dusko vujosevic

It seems that coach Dusko Vujosevic didn’t learn much from first suspension which occurred after Game 1 at the beginning of the ABA Adriatic league, when he missed three games.

Even reports are quite different, it seems that reason for this new suspension is that Dusko Vujosevic showed unsportsmanlike behavior and threats against referees after game against Szolnoki Olaj in Game 13 of ABA Adriatic league.

At this game, Partizan mt:s shamefully lost against Szolnoki Olaj, team from the bottom of ABA Adriatic league standings.

And this wasn’t enough for Dusko Vujosevic, he needed to show his primitive behavior and of course to blame others for its own defeat.

There more and more fans who are really disappointed about his behavior and pretty bad tactics in last several games.

Adored coach, it seems losing its popularity, and it could cost him if he not change his ego and understand that world is not turning around him.

On the other hand, no one cannot say that he is not good coach, there are so many trophies in his coaching background.

But, if you are a great coach, you should also learn to properly behave and represent club at the best possible way.

I know that I had that clause in every of my foreign coaching contracts, so don’t see any reason that he also don’t have same clause in his contract.

Situation is pretty unclear as some sources says that this time he will be suspended two games, even I don’t understand why only two.

If he already had suspension for three games, and he didn’t learn anything from that, this time he should be suspended for more than three games.

We will see. I just know one thing, adored coach is not so popular anymore, at least for me, but as I can see situation at discussion boards and forums large number of fans are also disappointed.