ABA Adriatic league fined Cibona

aba adriatic league

After all complaints about referees in game against Partizan mt:s in ABA Adriatic league game 19, ABA Adriatic league fined Cibona with 24.000 EUR.

First, ABA Adriatic league fined Cibona with 12.000 EUR due to bad organisation of game and attack on referee in halftime and threats to referees after the game.

Another 6.000 EUR Cibona needs to pay due to statements of Cibona coach Jasmin Repesa in several media in Croatia, and according to ABA Adriatic league, with this statement Jasmin Repesa caused bad reflection to league and main sponsors.

Finally, another 6.000 Cibona will pay due to statement of club director Zdenko Antunovic. I just hope so that this saga will be finished, since there are some more replies from Partizan mt:s in last few days and I believe that it is not good for basketball.

Just to remind you, Partizan mt:s beat Cibona in Game 19 of ABA Adriatic league in Zagreb after overtime.

Because of this loss, coach Jasmin Repesa and other people from Cibona issued statement about bad referees and at least 12 crucial mistakes by referees on this game and even threaten to withdraw Cibona from ABA Adriatic league.