ABA Adriatic league 2012-13, Game 6

aba adriatic league

With last night game between Igokea and Union Olimpija, Game 6 of ABA Adriatic league has been completed. Igokea remain the only one unbeaten team in this competition.

As it was big surprise at the beginning of the ABA Adriatic league season now it is getting more and more serious contender, even for the highest goals.

In great game, Igokea topper Union Olimpija at home court with score of 87-82, and stayed sole at the top of ABA Adriatic league with perfect score of 6 wins.

Union Olimpija, team who play Turkish Airlines Euroleague were up by eight points after first 20 minutes, but it wasn’t enough to win in this game. After this loss, Union Olimpija dropped to score 3-3.

MZT Skopje had no chances against Crvena Zvezda Diva as Red and whites easily won 75-60 and improved to 2-4 score.

MZT Skopje reached its fourth consecutive loss, and with new coach Ales Pipan will have tough goal to come back on the track in next games.

In very interesting game in Zagreb, Cibona wins over Siroki with 69-63 and improved to 3-3 score. Siroki dropped to 2-4 score, and I am sure that they are not satisfied with start in this season.

Szolnoki Olaj wins over Split even I may say unexpectedly since I believed that Split will continue with good games.

With this win, Szolnoki Olaj is still at the bottom of standings in ABA Adriatic league with score of 2-4. Split with this defeat dropped to 3-3 score.

Krka hosted Buducnost VOLI and lost in this home game with score of 51-66. After this game, Krka have score 3-3, identical as Buducnost VOLI.

Maybe this win for Buducnost VOLI is signal that team woke-up, and that we may expect better results from Buducnost VOLI in coming games.

In probably the best game in Game 6 of ABA Adriatic league, Zadar demolished Cedevita in Zagreb. Team who play in Turkish Airlines Euroleague had no chances against Zadar who came to win in this game.

Shameful performance of Cedevita players. Zadar with this win improved to 2-4 score, as Cedevita dropped to 4-2 score.

In Game of the week, Partizan mt:s easier than expected wins over Radnicki Kregujevac in interesting game in Belgrade. 91-80 was final score. Partizan mt:s improved to 5-1 score.

Radnicki Kragujevac dropped to 2-4 score and it is obvious that they didn’t reach expected form in this season yet.