2012 March Madness, end for Duke Blue Devils

ehigh mountain hawks

2012 March Madness is over for Duke Blue Devils. I am sure that no one expected to see Duke Blue Devils out in such early phase of 2012 March Madness.

Big disappointment for all Duke Blue Devils fans, but at same time great joy for Lehigh Mountain Hawks after they topped Duke Blue Devils 75:70.

Even before this game, Lehigh Mountain Hawks said that they are not afraid of Duke Blue Devils. I am quite sure that not much people believed them.

After all, they proved that they were serious in their statement. Led by C.J. McCollum who scored 30 points, Lehigh Mountain Hawks believed that they can beat mighty Duke.

In most of statement of Lehigh players, you could see that those guys believed in each other, in system, and they earned this win on the court.

Too bad for Duke Blue Devils, but I must say that I am glad every time, when some of teams “from shadow” surprise favorites.

In this game, Duke had big problems in trying to stop C.J. McCollum. McCollum, who earned twice “Patriot League player of the year”. At same time he is fifth-leading scorer.

After game, coach Mike Krzyzewski said: “They had the best player on the court tonight in McCollum, he’s been their player of the year, and he’s really one of the outstanding players in the country. You could see why tonight.”

Photo: buffalonews.com